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American Resource & Energy Monopoles Wind Towers

Why American Resource & Energy?

High Quality, Low Costs, Unprecedented Value

By producing our towers at an American-owned factory in Asia—built to American engineering and quality standards and shipped from a low-cost origination point—we can deliver our wind towers at a price typically far below industry averages.

Our innovative foundation and tower designs can also lower your project costs, enabling the installation of more towers—or simply saving considerably on a fixed-scope project.

Reducing the overall cost of the turbine/tower combination allows the end user to generate renewable energy for the lowest possible price.

We're Here to Serve

We pride ourselves on delivering the most responsive and knowledgeable customer service in the industry, from design to in-field product support. Our representatives are well-versed in all aspects of wind tower and operation—an invaluable resource when you're gathering specifications for a project or deciding how to incorporate small wind energy into your community.

In addition to sizing the tower and choosing the right raising system, it's important to take into account the nuances of both the turbine and the environment in which it will be placed. Using static and fatigue load analysis, your account service representative will ensure your tower is designed for optimal life.

Overseeing your order, your representative will keep you apprised of project status through the manufacturing process to delivery, and assist with walking you through our easy installation manuals.

Our wind tower experts can also consult with manufacturers on tower engineering, product customization and market development. We’ll work within your dealer network and/or sales channel to provide the products and customer service that most effectively enhance the value of your wind turbines.

Contact an ARE representative and learn how we can help.

Our Designs are Shaking up the Industry

With imaginative and practical engineering of our self-raising towers and specialized products for portable energy use and education, we're rapidly becoming the world's leader in wind tower innovation.

In addition to conventional monopole wind towers, American Resource & Energy provides the only self-raising tower system with a manual back-up.

This innovative design makes wind power possible for whole new markets, such as coastal areas vulnerable to hurricanes and typhoons, and remote geographies where dealer servicing is not practical.

Shipping and Logistics Support 

ARE offers shipping and logistical support to make your project run smoothly.Because we manufacture at the world's highest volume/lowest cost center for logistics, ARE can ship poles to anywhere in the world at a great price.  Whether to a port in Africa or to an installation site in Minnesota, ARE can handle all logistics for your ARE products.

Our Engineers are Your Engineers

A safe and reliable pole starts with engineering. ARE’s team of engineers specializes in designing wind turbine and solar lighting poles and related structures. We've engineered more than 1,000 pole designs using static, fatigue and frequency analyses, and our expertise is industry leading- giving you the products you need so you can focus on selling.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

American Resource & Energy utilizes innovative packaging solutions to minimize transportation costs and protect your tower.

When feasible, tower sections are wrapped in protective fabric and nested together. Towers are packaged inside containers as efficiently as possible. Both practices can save customers thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

Why Choose ARE Wind Towers?

American Resource & Energy is your source for complete wind tower solutions —

from conventional monopoles to portable energy use solutions, educational systems, and our revolutionary self-raising wind tower systems.

ARE offers value, quality, and innovative design supported by customer service, engineering, and logistical support unmatched in the wind industry.

Through full-service customer support, a consultative engineering team, warehousing and the best international shipping rates possible, we can economically produce and ship our products across the globe.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, dealer, distributor or end user, there’s a compelling reason for you to choose ARE...


American Resource & Energy is a proud member of the Distributed Wind Energy Association    American Resource & Energy is a proud member of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association  



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