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Wind Tower Solar Mounting Structure for Hybrid Systems

2KW Wind Tower Solar Array

Turn Wind Projects into Hybrid Systems

The ARE Solar Mount quickly turns almost any wind tower into a hybrid system, delivering more energy. The ARE system includes most of the key components you need to get a hybrid system up and running.

  • Easy: Attaches to virtually any wind tower without changing the structure
  • More Output: Adds 2kW of solar to the same footprint
  • Versatile: For new projects or retrofits to existing sites
  • Economical: Low cost and fast – no concrete required
  • Safe: Engineered to preserve the integrity of the wind tower
Compatibility For most monopole wind towers
Mounting Direct, non-penetrating attachment near base o
Solar (8) 250W Solar Panels (included
Inverters (8) Enphase Micro-inverters (included)
Warranty Five year

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