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ARE American Resource & Energy Wind Tower Hydraulic Raising System

Hydraulic Raising Systems for Wind Towers

Fast and Powerful Raising for Wind Towers

ARE offers monopole wind towers that can be designed, engineered and manufactured to work with your hydraulic ram specifications. Depending on your situation, using a hydraulic ram to raise and lower your wind tower can significantly reduce the installation and maintenance costs of your wind tower over time. A hydraulic ram takes most of the manual labor out of raising and lowering the tower, and removes the need for a crane.

Hydraulics do carry their own element of risk, such as seals and hoses that could fail while erecting a tower. Proper training and hydraulic maintenance is recommended. Contact ARE to discuss our wind tower raising systems, and determine the proper system for your location.

  • Rapid Installation: Can raise the tower into place in 90 seconds
  • Portable: Generator and rams can fit into a truck or van, and are light enough to transport with just 1-2 people
  • Easy Turbine Installation: A short tower base section means you can lower the tower close to the ground to aid installation
  • Re-Usable: The hydraulic kit is a one-time purchase to be used with each installation

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