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ARE American Resource & Energy Micro Wind Turbine Wall Mount System

Micro Wind Turbine Wall Mount System

Versatility for Small Footprint Locations

The ARE Wall Mount System offers a practical alternative to freestanding towers at restrictive locations. This simple system uses wall mounting brackets to safely attach your small wind turbine to a building wall. Vibration isolators to minimize vibration transmission to the building, reducing sound and fatigue.

  • Saves Space: Takes advantage of height of an existing structure Versatile: Adaptor works with most turbines up to 1 kW
  • Modular: Adjustable wall-to-pole distance; two pole height options
  • Safe: Works with any wall type without damaging structure
  • Rugged: Engineered for long life and durability
  • All-inclusive: Kit includes mounting brackets, pole sections, vibration isolators and fasteners for simple installation
Capacity For wind turbines up to 1 kW
Height 5 m pipe length
Assembly Brackets and mounting hardware
Attachment Mounting fasteners vary with turbine weight and mounting surface
Turbine Mounting Universal adaptor
Wall Mounting Brackets with vibration isolators
Survival Wind Speed 54 m/s (120 mph) 3-second gusts
Weight 55-106 kg (see table on reverse side for specifics)
Shipping FedEx, UPS or Container
Warranty Five Year
Extras & Options Adjustable Wall-to-Pole Distance of 500 mm to 775 m

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