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"ARE has been the sole supplier of wind towers for Evance Wind Turbines in the US since June, 2011 and have done a great job. The staff, engineering designs and manufactured towers have all been very professional and of the highest quality. We fully plan to continue using ARE towers for years to come."

-Darrin Russell, International Business Development Manager, Americas
Evance Wind Turbines Ltd.


"I have been very impressed with the service and support that TALCO has received from Charlie Johnson and ARE and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

-Tal Mamo
TALCO Electronics


"The quality of the ARE tower is top notch. I live off-grid and when my old turbine died I wanted to upgrade both the turbine and the tower. After looking at alternative towers, I chose the ARE tower for its ease of installation and the vertical gin pole tower raising system. It was a great decision, the parts fit perfectly, the instructions were clear and the tower (once assembled) can be raised and lowered with one-person. This is a boon when you live in the country. Great workmanship!"

Brian Mosley, Off-Grid Enthusiast
Tucson, AZ


"...the towers are beyond our expectations...the monopole towers we have received are the finest towers we have ever received from any supplier."

Renee Contreras, Marketing Manager
Wireless Energy Chile


"ARE wind tower support was there for us from start to finish. They provided the best advice during the design stage, and then followed up with engineering a perfect match for our needs. Even after the order, ARE was willing to work in a few changes to fit our specific needs perfectly. We are so grateful to be provided the best tower for our wind turbine."

Michael Paradis
Green Earth Energy


"I have recently been working with ARE on very detailed and specific tower requests and their customer service and engineering support has been of the highest quality. Any design issues that we had in our projects have been overcome with ease."

Tom Bowker
Clean Energy Technologies


"I would strongly recommend American Resource & Energy. They have been very attentive to my design needs in specialized applications for my Wind turbine applications and I would not hesitate to seek their expert advice in all matters regarding tower configurations in the future for any purpose."

Patrick H. Cannon, Owner / CEO
Cannon Solar & Wind LLC



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