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ARE American Resource and Energy 25kW Telecom Wind Tower Assembled Foundation System

1000 Series Assembled Foundation System

A Versatile Foundation For Towers Up to 43 m (140 ft)

The ARE Large AFS permits quick, same-day tower installation with the advantage of later reuse or recycling.

  • Fast: Complete tower installation in one day
  • Concrete-Free: Eliminates cost and cure-time
  • Versatile: Structure can be buried or left above ground with ballast
  • Removable: Entire tower and foundation can be removed, transported and assembled elsewhere
Capacity For wind turbines up to 25 kW (custom systems available)
Height Up to 43 m (140 ft) depending on load requirements
Material Steel with galvanized (above ground) or bitumen (below ground) finish for corrosion protection
Ballast Sand, gravel or soil, geo bags or concrete blocks (above ground) or backfilled soil (buried)
Dimensions 4,813 kg (10,611 lb)
6.25m L (Diameter) x 2.3m H
21ft L (Diameter) x 7.5ft H
Survival Wind Speed Per turbine manufacturer requirements
Shipping Single units up to container quantities
Warranty Five year

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